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Beer is an ingredient in the brine, but you don't have to be 21 to enjoy them!


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by Jan
on 3/30/2020
My husband tried these once and he was sold❤ I'm not much of an olive person, but I love these too. We live in Wa. state and stop every year going and coming back home from Az. THE BEST. Also, the Pumpkin Butter is great also...
by Theresa
on 4/25/2015
The most awesome olives I have ever tasted in my 50 years Thank you sister Leni and Brother Don for letting me enjoy the love of olives totally delicious :)
by Bob Sowell
on 12/4/2014
The Best
The beer style olives are one of the best olives they carry every time someone from my family heads to California, this is what we buy.
by Greg Holbron
on 1/19/2013
Taste Bud Turnaround
I hated olives...except for the black ones we all play withat the holidays (come on, you know you do that too). Hated...yuck! I tried these in the "show room" just to show my girlfriend I would. Delicious! I brought some home and can't get enough! Must buy more :-)
by Mary J.
on 12/1/2011
The BEST Olive!
They are the BEST Olives I have ever tasted. Go well with everything. I like to use them in our Antipasto Salad.
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