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The hottest bright orange Habanero chili peppers fill large green olives. Hot enough to set your tastebuds on fire.
Try our "Green Olive & Celery Pasta Sauce" recipe.


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by Dennis L Coates
on 11/20/2019
Been eating these for years. Best I've ever found.
by Steven Kerney
on 5/2/2019
Cant be beat
I have had the jalapeno stuffed olives you can buy at your store I have also had the habanero stuffed olives from Texas Best but these are by far the best olives that I have had I have bought multiple jars to give to my friends and family because you cannot buy these where I am they have to be ordered online and it is worth it every time even with shipping
by Cat
on 2/3/2015
What a treat!
We were first introduced to the "habs" olive by our son who lives in CA. He knew we liked garlic & jalapeno-stuffed olives. So he has sent some to us as gifts after he discovered them at the Olive Pit. The flavor is magnificent! It is clear that the olives themselves are of the highest quality, and that makes all the difference. I eat mine with a cracker but my husband eats them right out of the jar (sometimes I have to spank his hands!). Now we are ordering for the first time--and will gift our son back for his birthday Great job!
by Destiny A.
on 1/16/2014
These are the best olives ever. I have other habanero stuffed ones before but nothing compares to these. They are a bit hot bu the flavor is amazing. My husbands favorite thing to do with them is substitute them in his tuna sandwich. Instead of sweet pickles he cuts up the olive and mixes in with the tuna,and mayo, goes great on bread or crackers. Sounds weird, but it is actually very good.
by Darron
on 10/31/2011
This is a good hot olive, probably not hot to the Hobanero lovers but the olive does bring a Jalapeno heat level with it. The olive itself meets the Olive pit reputation of remaining the best olive you can buy, always firm.
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