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Add to your martini for a delicious and unique taste!


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by Doug Montrose
on 3/18/2019
Martini Mixer Olive Brine
I’ve been drinking this for several years in my Vodka Martinis. I just ran out again so this time I’m ordering several bottles. This is excellent and with a high quality Vodka and a couple of twice stuffed jumbo olives it makes the best Martini I’ve ever had with or without the vermouth. Try it you’ll love it.
by Momcat
on 8/8/2012
Road Trip
I was recently on a road trip from San Francisco to Southern Oregon. I'm an east coast girl. On my way north I saw signs for Olive oil tasting and decided, that on my way back to SF, I'd stop. So I did at Olive Pit. I do love my Dirty Martinis, so I bought a bottle of mixer. Excellent! I'm going to order many bottles for holiday give-aways to my martini loving friends, along with the Martini Olives. I should have bought all three of the bottles of brine they had left! I'll be back in two years!
by James
on 5/12/2012
Best olive juice ever for my wife's vodka martinis! Three parts vodka, one part dry vermouth, four or five teaspoons Martini Mixer, and a large olive. Don't get any better than that!!!
by Beth L.
on 2/6/2012
Excellent Flavor
I can't believe no one has reviewed this product yet. Maybe it's because it isn't listed in any of the categories. All the more for me then. I was ordering online one night and was curious if The Pit had olive juice since Bevmo had something that was far from it. I typed in Martini olive juice and what appeared before my eyes was this delicious bottle of olive brine. And can I just say that it TOTALLY fits the bill. What can I say about it? the flavor of olives is right there. Smack, in your face, olive! YUM-O! Thanks Olive Pit for fulfilling all my needs on one website. Stuffed olives, spicy jams and butters, pickled garlic and cauliflower and now this beautiful bottle of olive brine.
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