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Serve up this delicious Garlic Herb Dipping oil with your favorite bread for dipping.

Sugestions:  Drizzle some on your favorite salad, vegetables or mashed potatoes.  Perfect for roasted tomatoes or over warm crusty bread.  Use as a marinade for meats and chicken.  

Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Aged Balsamice Vinegar, Basil, Garlic and Sea Salt.

Size 8.5 oz.(250ml)


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by Evelyn
on 8/30/2015
If Ambrosia were real, this would be it
This is incredibly delicious. Not only is it incredible to dip bread in, but it also is incredible on other stuff. After we bought this, my husband and I used it on sausage raviolis and it was incredible.
by Jennifer Tyler
on 4/8/2015
Good for so much more than dipping.....
I have used this oil to brown and flavor meats and poultry; for cooking and stir-frying just about any kind of vegetable; and as an ingredient in soups and stews. The flavor really is exceptional in most cooked foods. Of course, I always keep it on-hand as a dipping oil; but I just thought I'd mention the other uses I've found.
by Cyndi
on 9/19/2010
mmm mmm Good
We purchased this oil when we stopped to try the Olive tasting bar. We took it with us on a camping trip so we could enjoy it with our friends, everyeone said mmmmm mmmmm good!
by Vivian
on 6/17/2010
Best Ever Dipping Oil!!!
This is by far the best dipping oil I have ever had! It's totally addictive. Better than any I've had in a restaurant or any I've tried to create at home. Awesome with french bread, but surprisingly delicious drizzled on Baby Bell cheese. I'll be ordering more online since I am almost out and am anxious to try out the other suggestions on the bottle label. I hope they never stop making this great dipping oil.
by bill polk
on 10/24/2009
evil stuff. i can't leave it alone
i'm anticipating a major weight gain coming. it is so good. it is like heroin. dip a bit of bread, eventually you will realize that the bread is just a distraction. maybe just drink it with a straw. it is soooo evil.
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