The History of the Olive Pit

Pete and Ann Craig

Pete and Ann Craig

53 years ago, Pete and Ann Craig displayed several jars of olives on a small shelf of the original Olive Pit-a frosty and hamburger stand-to see if anyone would be interested in enjoying their spectacular olives.

People were quick to purchase them and a Corning tradition was born.

Today three generations of the Craig family, including Ann, still serve travelers with tasty, phenomenal milkshakes, delicious burgers and much more.  Their store has expanded numerous times over the years, most recently adding a wine and craft beer tasting room. The inventory has also expanded and includes a huge variety of Olives, Olive Oil, Craft Beer, Wine, Nuts, Flavored Balsamic Vinegar, Mustards and Gift items.  Olive Pit is proud to feature many local products as well.

The Family

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